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Ysgrublaidd played Heroes of Mana

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Ysgrublaidd said...
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Started playing this game today. It looks good... but it's a shame that Square-Enix changed the gameplay. Well, untill now it works nice... but it's just not the great system of Secret of Mana. Why Square-Enix... why? Overall I'm still interested.
Heroes of Mana

Heroes of Mana (DS)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 21/AUG/07
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If I remember correctly, Heroes of Mana falls into the RTS-Lite genre, similar to FFXII:Revenant Wings. Not sure why Squenix feels the need to completely ignore the calls for a proper followup to Secret of Mana (They could always localize Seiken Densetsu 3 and release on the DS or the Wii's VC). The ones they've done have all been "experiments" that take the gameplay further and further from what made the original so great. Although the Crystal Chronicles series is close.
Well I think Square-Enix doesn't see the Mana serie as a primary serie. That Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are. So they use the Mana serie as a test case for the primary series. I haven't played FFXII: Revenant Wings yet. But I think they used a similar system as Heroes of Mana. SE saw it worked and used it again.
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