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Ysgrublaidd's gameplay for Guitar Hero: On Tour -- Decades (DS)

Ysgrublaidd played Guitar Hero: On Tour -- Decades

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Ysgrublaidd said...
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Guitar Hero: On Tour -- Decades

Guitar Hero: On Tour -- Decades (DS)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Musical Instrument/Band Simulation
Release Date: 16/NOV/08
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I tried this at a store one time. My hand cramped up before I could finish a song. Do you have that problem? Or do I just have very large hands?
At first I had those cramps too. And I haven't got very large hands. You really have to look for the right position of your hands to play it... and than you'll at least not feel the cramp while playing. I can play a song or 10 strait through. But afterwards I can have some cramps.

So it isn't a great grip they designed. But it works and I enjoy the game, so I haven't got any real big troubles with it.
I haven't played virtual guitar yet, but my hands cramped up when I first played a PS2 game; the DualShock 2 is on the small side for me. After a while the problem was gone, so either I was holding it wrong earlier, or I got used to it.

The same thing with PS2's Guncon/G-Con. After playing Vampire Night for a while I could barely move my hands and had to stop. You have to squeeze the trigger as fast as you can in that game. Coming back to it again and again, I apparently trained my hands, because the problem was gone after a few games. When I played again a year later, cramps again.

This probably goes for this controller as well, so in short: don't give up, keep training. :)
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